Capita Travel and Events

Comprehensive iOS and Android smartphone itinerary apps for Capita Travel and Events, a UK specialist travel and event management company

iris:go for Capita Travel and Events is a personal travel assistant and itinerary management app that leverages Travelport Digital’s corporate travel product, Travelport Digital Concierge Itinerary, to enhance the overall travel experience by enabling travellers to view itineraries, important travel updates, timetables, hotel bookings, manage flight check-in and more all in one place. See below for some of the iris:go best features and functionality:

Sophisticated Itinerary Management

iris:go integrates with Capita Travel and Events’ booking tools and alert systems, bringing itineraries and travel information into one simple solution which includes itinerary and booking management for air, rail and hotel segments. The app incorporates rich functionality such as flight check-in, maps & directions and events & meeting planners.

A user's entire journey can be viewed in just one swipe through a smart and intuitive user interface. Users can also scroll through previous bookings, their current itinerary and see where they will be in coming weeks simply by swiping left or right, and get details on their trips and bookings by swiping up and tapping on a segment. Whether they book online or through the offline team using their traveller profile, their bookings will be synced onto the app. They can also import additional bookings by entering their booking reference number where needed.

Real-Time Communication

Leveraging Travelport Digital’s mobile push engine, Travelport Digital Engage, the app keeps business travellers always informed of real-time and important travel updates such as any flight or rail delays and cancellations.

The app also features a ‘Speak to Agent’ direct call button, enabling instant communication between the end-traveller and travel manager.

Rail Integration

Capita Travel and Events facilitates the purchase of more than £300k of rail tickets daily and comprehensive support for rail travel is a prominent feature of the app. This includes rail bookings and itineraries, timetables and real-time service alerts such as delays as well as station and platform information.

Users can also check train seat reservations, journey duration, changes and ticket type. Users can check if their train is delayed in real-time and can also find out which facilities and services are available at their departure station.


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