Multi award-winning apps for iOS and Android smartphones and Apple Watch. easyJet is a leading European airline that flies over 70 million passengers per year on over 800 routes across more than 30 countries.

easyJet rewards its increasingly tech savvy customers with intelligent and intuitive digital services that enable them to have more control over their travel experience and a better flying experience with easyJet. The apps for iOS and Android smartphones and the Apple Watch are available in 7 languages and make travel with easyJet easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Below are just some of the app’s great features and functionality:

Constant App Evolution

Since launch, the easyJet apps have evolved from simple flight search and booking functionality to include advanced features such as 3D Touch, live flight tracking, credit card scanning and mobile boarding passes.

The app’s dynamic homescreen adapts depending on the upcoming flight. The most important features related to the traveller’s flight always take precedence on the app homescreen. The apps are regularly updated in line with latest mobile and digital trends ensuring increasing downloads and repeat usage.

Ancillaries and Seamless Flight Booking

The app enables speedy flight booking with passport scanning to quickly input passenger details and credit card scanning for simple and seamless flight payment.

easyJet customers can add ancillaries such as extra baggage and sports equipment through the app. Touch ID fingerprint technology allows for previously saved passenger details to auto-populate, making the purchase of add-ons and flight changes easy and fast to manage.

‘Day of Travel' Mobile Companion

Powered by Travelport Digital Concierge Live, easyJet’s Mobile Host is an intelligent assistant that guides travellers at every step with real-time, contextual mobile updates and directions. The sophisticated travel assistant combines a number of live data sources including live flight status, queue wait times and baggage tracking, together with in-door mapping, geo-location and traveller flight itineraries.

Data is intelligently and dynamically distilled in real-time to provide the flight, travel and airport updates most relevant to each individual traveller at the right stage of their journey.

Extending to wearables

easyJet was one of the first airlines available on the Apple Watch when it launched in 2015. The Watch app seamlessly connects to the easyJet app to provide personalised flight information and real-time views of travel information checked most frequently by passengers with one of the main benefits for passengers being the Apple Wallet boarding passes that enable quick and convenient use throughout the airport.‎‎

easyJet’s Watch app also features Glances which inform and remind passengers of key parts of their journey, including pre-departure information, check-in details, up-to-date local currency exchange rates, in-destination weather and real time flight status.


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