Innovative mobile travel product set that allows airlines, TMCs and travel agencies to interact with their customers throughout their journey.

Travelport Concierge Live

Travelport Digital’s intelligent personal travel assistant redefines how travel companies engage with customers on their ‘day of travel’. Concierge Live proactively provides travellers with personalised and contextual step-by-step guides via their app, telling them how to get to the airport on time, navigate the airport and security queues in the quickest time possible, make flight connections, find gates in unfamiliar airports, collect baggage and much more.

Concierge Live can be easily embedded into an existing native app and leverages all available data sources including live flight status, queue wait times, baggage tracking together with in-door mapping and traveller itineraries to guide your customers through every step of their journey.

Travelport Engage

Travelport Engage is a sophisticated mobile messaging engine designed to deliver trip specific content and offers that are targeted, relevant and personalised. It enables greater relevance by understanding your customers’ in-app behaviour, preferences and location.

Travelport Engage is quick and cost-effective to license, can be easily integrated with your existing mobile app and drives deeper customer engagement and increased ancillary sales conversions.


Travelport Concierge Itinerary

Travelport Concierge Itinerary is a sophisticated mobile travel companion and itinerary management solution enabling travellers to stay informed, organised and in control at every step of the journey. Concierge Itinerary integrates with multiple data sources to provide a more personalised travel experience.

This solution is fully customisable and, unlike other off-the-shelf offerings, allows travel companies to rapidly develop and launch an app that meets their specific requirements.


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