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Simplifying the travel experience

A key focus for BCD travel was to make life on the road as easy for corporate travelers as possible. Designed as an end to end trip management platform Tripsource® provides travelers with everything they need for a seamless and productive experience while they are on the road.

" Have grown to depend on this all in one corporate travel itinerary manager. Simple, fast, easy to use - and it includes automatic itinerary and flight status updates. I don't travel without it. "

- Tripsource, iOS User, MATTATTO ★★★★★

Instant Access To All Trip Information

To keep travelers fully informed while they are on the road the Tripsource® app tracks and organises all trip details by segment including flight, hotel , ground transfer, car rental and rail. Incorporating native mapping, directions, travel guidelines, contact and security information it provides travelers with one central location for all trip information.

"Instead of trawling back through emails to find trip info. it's all there in one place. I travel a lot, so have many itineraries on the go at one time; this app simplifies things and defeats the 4am worries that a hotel/flight hasn't been booked. "

- Tripsource, iOS User, Taxicat ★★★★★

Creating New Revenue Streams Through Mobile

Incorporating hotel booking capabilities Tripsource® provides the same quick and easy experience as the leading booking sites. With access to more properties and rates, Tripsource helps travelers to easily identify hotels that are within company policy and automatically add any reservations to your trip itinerary. 

"Since we chose Travelport Digital we have not looked back. They have been by far one of the best partners in development we’ve ever had. "

- John Snyder, President & CEO, BCD Travel

Simple, Seamless, Frictionless

Find out more about how Tripsource® helped elevate BCD Travel's business travel service with an end-to-end mobile trip management platform.

Customised Messages Direct To The Travelers Device

Delivered at the right moment and in the right context Tripsource® uses real-time messaging capabilities to provide travel updates such as flight delays, gate changes, risk alerts and reminders as well as company specific information that helps travelers make smarter decisions on the road. 

"I could not imagine traveling without this app. When my gate changed and flight was delayed, the app notified me even before the airport made the announcement. "

- Tripsource, iOS User, Jacobjake07 ★★★★★

Superior Service For Business Travelers

Through the use of dynamic trip information, detailed itineraries, outside bookings, smart messaging and self serve features such as click-to-call the Tripsource® app helps put the traveler in control and ensures a seamless day of travel experience.

"Great app for travelling on business, easy way to stay up to date on the road with all plans in one place and handy reminders - it makes business travel much easier!! "

- Tripsource, Android User,  Nick Dewey ★★★★★

Creating A Multi-Device Travel Experience

With the growing importance of multi-device consumption travelers can access TripSource® online from their PC, tablet or smartphone, enabling BCD Travel’s clients to connect with their end-travellers at even more touchpoints. 

"We chose Travelport Digital to build our mobile travel app because they impressed us with their successful track record in creating smart, intuitive, useful applications for consumers. "

- April Bridgeman, SVP of Strategic Marketing at BCD Travel

Elevating BCD Travel's business travel service with an end-to-end mobile trip management platform


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