Embracing mobile technology to provide travelers with their personal travel assistant while on the move

Personal Travel Assistant

For Capita Travel & Events a key driver was to ensure their team stayed at the forefront of supporting travelers while they are on the move. With the iris:go mobile app they offer travelers a personal travel assistant that allows them to view itineraries travel updates, timetables and more.

"Really easy to use. Don't even bother with email confirmations anymore. Love the journey planner for rail and knowing the platform for rail journey in advance is great especially if your changing at a busy station."

- iris:go, iOS User, LeeW1609 ★★★★★

Ensuring Travelers Stay Informed & In Control

The iris:go app integrates with Capita Travel and Events’ booking tools and alert systems, bringing all itinerary and travel information into one simple solution. The app supports detailed information on air, rail and hotel segments as well as rich functionality such as flight check-in, maps & directions and events & meeting planners.

"iris:go gives our travellers access to every booking they've made through our Capita Travel and Events' portal in one place – hugely helpful when you want to check your itinerary on the move. "

- Steve Redman Contract manager, Direct Line Group

Contextual, Real-time Communications

Leveraging real-time mobile messaging capabilities the iris:go app minimises travel related anxiety by ensuring travelers are kept informed of travel updates as and when they happen such as rail and flight delays, cancellations or gate and platform changes. 

"All information in one place! It looks brilliant! It's great to have all my bookings in one place so I don't have to have lots of paper with me. "

- iris:go, Android User, Katie Pearson ★★★★★

Bring it all to life on mobile

The iris:go mobile app helps service over 600 million flying miles a year, over 3 million accommodation nights annually and a rail journey booking every 4 seconds. Take a closer look at how we can help bring your travel agency to life on mobile.

Superior Service With Instant Agent Support

Incorporating a ‘Speak to Agent’ direct call button the iris:go app enables instant communication between the end-traveller and travel manager ensuring the traveler always has the peace of mind of knowing that they can access agent support from a simple click of a button. 

"Now I just check one place for booked trains and hotels, including collection references. It just makes the whole thing simple, which makes a difference when travelling a lot for work. The customer service is also really excellent. "

- iris:go, Android User, Gideon Shapiro ★★★★★

Optimizing The Travelers Time With Maps & Directions

Using location settings via GPS, the iris:go app helps travelers get from A to B easily by providing them with access to maps and directions to their hotel, train station and airport from directly within the app. 

"Really like this app - seems intuitive, user-friendly and nice to look at. And it means I don't have to worry about printing hotel maps etc when staying away! "

- iris:go, Android User, Anna Robertson ★★★★★

Keeping Travelers Organised On The Road

To keep travelers organised and in control while they are on the move the iris:go app provides a central location for information on pre-arranged meetings. The app provides access to all booking details and useful information about the venue are right at your fingertips.

"Fantastic App, using it all the time especially good for identifying platform changes for rail, and delays to your journey while onboard. And easily seeing hotel details while on the move. "

- iris:go, iOS User, Bracey1411 ★★★★★

Helping Capita Travel & Events create smarter travel, meetings and events using mobile technology


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