A mobile engagement platform that empowers users to manage their trips on the go

Booking flights and Payment

Search, book & pay with ease

Leveraging existing flight search and booking flows the Fiji Airways app enables travellers to search and book their next adventure with ease while also removing payment friction through credit/debit payment and credit card scanning.

"We recognize the importance of mobile engagement and being able to connect with our customers, bringing them highly relevant, personalized information and services they need, at every step of their journey."

- Marc Cavaliere, Chief Commercial Officer of Fiji Airways

Timely & contextual ancillary upsell

To drive customer lifetime value the Fiji Airways app uses smart mobile moments and flexible messaging capabilities to create more relevant retail opportunities within the check-in flow such as seat upgrades and extra bags and deliver personalised offers at exactly the right time.

"Very easy booking process. "

- Fiji Airways Android User Nigel Stoker ★★★★★

Real-time trip specific alerts & updates

Incorporating a powerful messaging solution Fiji Airways can create and send real-time notifications to their travellers about flight alerts, trip updates, gate changes, baggage carousel information so they stay informed while on the move.

"The best app ever "

- Fiji Airways Android User Anonymous ★★★★★

Your next adventure right in the palm of your hand

Find out more about how Fiji Airways are using Travelport Fusion to deliver a seamless digital experience for their travellers.

Greater autonomy through self-serve features

With a variety of self-serve features such as wrapped booking, itinerary management, mobile check-in and boarding the Fiji Airways app saves the traveller time by providing a travel experience that is seamless and intuitive.

"Awesome app to do booking and checkin. Easy to follow workflow. "

- Fiji Airways Android User Krishneel Goundar ★★★★★

A mobile experience tailored to the traveler

Using the multi-lingual support capabilities the traveler can personalise the experience based on their language of choice. The Fiji Airways app is currently available in; English, Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

"Works well and is quick. Great start, keep the updates coming. "

- Fiji Airways iOS User JellybeanJoans ★★★★★

All your trip information in one location

Using itinerary management capabilities the ‘My Trips’ feature within the app provides travellers with a summary of the most important trip information at a glance ensuring they stay organised and in control.

"Easy & convenient "

- Fiji Airways Android User Rimple Dohita ★★★★★

Helping Fiji Airways enhance customer experience through seamless, trusted and personalised mobile experiences.


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