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Addressing The Needs Of The 'Always On Traveler'

With the mobile phone rated as the #1 most indispensable item travelers carry with them when travelling a key focus for the XL Travel Group was to deliver a mobile user experience that was seamless, intuitive and in line with the expectations of today’s ‘always-on’ traveler.

" The provision of sophisticated mobile services in travel is no longer an option, it has become a necessity. Business and leisure travelers no longer just want mobile technology to transform their travel experience, it is an expectation. "

- Marco Ciocchetti, CEO of XL Travel Group

Keeping The Agency Brand Front Of Mind

The XL Travel Group wanted a solution that would help raise their brand awareness with travelers. The XLGO app leverages configurable and market leading UX to deliver a premium, branded user experience that re-enforces their brand identity in a critical digital channel.

"New Travel app set to revolutionize travel. "

- Independent Online, May 2017

One Central Location For All Trip Related Information

Using sophisticated itinerary management capabilities the XLGO app combines all of your trip details and makes them available to access anytime, anywhere. From real-time alerts, flight information or directions to your hotel travelers can now manage all aspects of their trip right from the palm of their hand. 

"Excellent app for staying ahead of your travel needs "

- XLGO, Android User, Carol Bayne, ★★★★★

Serving over 160 travel agencies in South Africa

Find out more about how XL Travel are delivering advanced mobile travel capabilities using the Travelport Trip Assist solution.

Real-time Engagement For Peace Of Mind

Incorporating a flexible messaging solution the XLGO app provides the XL travel agencies with a platform to provide important program information directly to the traveler at the right moment, through the channel they use most often and in the brand's tone of voice. 

"In an increasingly smartphone-led communications world, we are committed to improving customers' travel experiences with sophisticated mobile solutions. "

- Robyn Christie, General Manager at Travelport South Africa

Native Features That Simplify The Travel Experience

Through the use of features such as Touch ID and self-serve features such as native mapping and click-to-call agent assistance the XLGO app helps save the traveler time by providing a seamless, intuitive travel experience.

"Fabulous and easy to use. "

- XLGO, Android User, Juan Bedser, ★★★★★

Staying Competitive On Mobile Technology

Built using the flexible Trip Assist solution the XLGO app can scale easily - regular 8 week release cycles provide an evolving mobile solution that will continue to address the needs of the traveler and keep the XL Travel Group at the forefront of mobile technology. 

"Selecting Travelport for our mobile solution and roadmap will enable us to lead the way when providing innovative mobile travel services in our market that make every stage of travel more efficient, seamless and enjoyable. "

- Marco Ciocchetti, CEO of the XL Travel Group

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