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Travelport Trip Assist allows agencies to supercharge traveller engagement, boost competitiveness and bring your brand to life via mobile

Build your brand via mobile

Your agency’s value will shine through with your own-branded platform in iTunes and in Google Play. Configure messaging, your tone of voice, colours, fonts, icons, and images to create a unique app experience.

Benefit from our leading UX to design and configure an app that supercharges engagement. 

This means you can leave your mobile travelers in no doubt as to who is providing this service while reducing the time and cost of providing a compelling mobile offering.

"The provision of sophisticated mobile services in travel is no longer an option, it has become a necessity."

- Marco Ciocchetti, CEO of the XL Travel Group

Improved traveller engagement

Incorporating a powerful messaging solution it allows you to provide valuable trip-related information at the right time from one platform.

Using your travellers' PNR number as an identifier you can create and send push notifications that communicate with your travellers about flight alerts, trip updates, cancellations, gate changes, baggage carousel information or promote the travel program.

With a centralised message centre, travellers can also access more content-rich messages direct from the app inbox at any time.


"Fabulous and easy to use."

- XLGO, Android User, Juan Bedser ★★★★★
Trip Assist trio

Modernise your itinerary & trip management

Showcase a feature-rich itinerary management platform that travellers return to time and again.

Rich itinerary information provides the user with all key details about the trip as well as dynamic trip changes in real time for Flights, Hotel Stay, Car Rental, Ground Transfer and Rail Journeys.

Native mapping features mean the user stays within the app to view directions to key travel destinations.

"Excellent app for staying ahead of your travel needs."

- XLGO, Android User, Carol Bayne ★★★★★


Keep the traveller in the programme via contextualised messaging and timely push notifications. Innovation that continuously drives significant savings.

Improve services digitally

With a selection of self-serve features, such as real-time trip alerts, flexible itinerary management capabilities and native mapping you can reduce call durations and ensure travel agents can focus on more specialist business traveller enquiries.

If your agent is still required a ‘click & call’ or ‘click & email’ option direct to the booking agent is available in order for the consultant to service the traveller. The ability to contact an agent within Trip Assist leverages the digital channel and provides additional comfort for the traveller.

Win through platform updates

With regular feature releases Travelport Trip Assist helps you become a ‘mobile first’ brand and helps you get ahead of your competitors to win new business.

You can avail of frequent updates to the platform and help shape the evolution of the solution.

Upcoming releases will include additional language support, the ability to add outside bookings to your itinerary, trip sharing capabilities and airline check-in allowing travellers to check-in to their flight via the itinerary app.

"The launch of the XLGO app is the first step in our new mobile strategy, with additional mobile features and functionality to be regularly rolled out."

- Marco Ciocchetti, CEO of the XL Travel Group

Meet Jackie

She chose Travelport Trip Assist for her agency's mobile solution. Now she's streamlined operations and created a great new customer experience. See how it can make your life easier too.

Staying competitive on mobile

Integrate effortlessly with multiple systems

Trip Assist is designed to integrate with multiple travel solutions. Implementation options available range from standard solution configuration to custom integrations.

Travelport has years of experiencing working in the travel industry and connecting to a variety of systems. We’ll work directly with your IT teams to connect your platforms seamlessly.

Trip Assist partnership

We're a partner that provides insight and mobile travel experience to ensure our clients succeed. As a customer of Trip Assist we will actively work with you to encourage digital adoption, measure traveler engagement, monitor the performance of the solutions through analytics, and provide mobile marketing best practice to help ensure the success of your new app.

We combine years of travel expertise, technological brilliance and human understanding to create more valuable relationships with our customers; so that you can have more valuable relationships with yours.

Grow Your Business With A Powerful Mobile Engagement Platform & Experienced Travel Partner

You won't be going on the engagement journey alone. We're there as a partner to help, support and advise to ensure your ultimate success.

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